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Gain Control and Clarity of Your Mind

Learn how you can take back control of your mind and life, acquire the tools and resources
to overcome past challenges and build resilience for future emotional obstacles.

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1-hour consultations


(1 hour)

Video Educational


(2 hours)

Audio Resources
(1.5 hours)

Phone + email support
(8am - 8pm)

Emotional Analysis

Results Guaranteed

Values Determination 

Specialist Assistance


(3 CDs)

Over 6-hours worth of value

2-hour consultation

Professional assistance and guaranteed results

Looking for professional help?

What You Can Expect

Expect to be treated as an individual and work with a team of specialists who have real-world experience with hundreds of successful cases, you’ll learn to apply the most cutting-edge psychological tools and resources that will assist you to neurologically reprogram the challenges you’re facing. In turn, you will think clearer, more balanced and feel better. You can expect to regain emotional control, whilst joining a community of over 100 members who have already achieved the results that you’re looking to acquire. When you join Quantum Equilibrium™, you don’t just take on an experience, you become part of a community that is dedicated to a lifetime of support.

Benefits of Attending This Experience

Every human being that attends Quantum Equilibrium™ experiences a different and personalised journey towards the same end result. Find common benefits that Quantum Equilibrium™ clients have experienced year after year, when working through different levels of breakthroughs.

By attending this experience, you’ll benefit from;

  • Dissolving undesired emotions

  • Freeing up time and space in your mind

  • Balancing your emotions

  • Learning advanced tools and resources for maximising life balance

  • Working with a specialist

  • A lifetime of support

  • Feeling more connected to those you love

  • Becoming clearer on what’s important to you and how to achieve it

  • Feeling a deeper sense of purpose

  • Increasing your potential

  • Guaranteed real world results

& more

The Quantum Equilibrium™ Personal Touch

We believe that you're more than just a number, we believe that over the time we invest with each other, you will become a highly valued client and friend to our Quantum Equilibrium™ family. In order to guarantee that this relationship lasts long beyond your consultation period, we invite you into our community so you can continue to receive free and paid future content and empowerment services on a weekly basis. 


Our specialists are available to answer questions even after your service is complete, for smaller questions you will be able to pick up the phone or shoot a quick email. To answer questions that require greater levels of detail, work, and resources, you will receive professional advice on the next level of evolution that is necessary and suitable for your specific requests.





Available via Skype/phone for convenience and in-person on request


Words of wisdom by some of our inspired clients, who have created powerful

changes in their lives after experiencing The Quantum Equilibrium™ difference.

Phoebe, eCommerce Guru

Awais, Regional Manager

For more empowering video testimonials, view our video testimonial page

Nicole, Director of AMA

If you’re thinking about doing this, stop wasting time and take action. Things that I was holding onto for years were resolved within such a short. I felt almost stunned in myself that I had previously thought about taking on this experience, but hadn't actually invested into it till later. I wish I made this decision sooner and resolved those feelings so I could have taken back my life without baggage and felt enlighten sooner!

For more empowering written testimonials, view our written testimonial page

Piotr, Chef

I would like to say thank you to you for helping me to understand and see things from a different perspective. Before we started our consultations, my relationship with my partner was crumbling and we had lost our ability to clearly communicate to each other. Since working with Quantum Equilibrium®, our whole relationship dynamics has taken a 360 degree turn and we love and appreciate each other like never before. Thank you Emmanuel, this means the world to me and my family.

Consultation Structure

Our in-depth professional consultations are designed to serve your needs from the comfort of your own home or office, allowing you to save, time energy and money when achieving your goals. We also make ourselves available in-person upon request, see our highly powerful consultation structure below.

Pre-Consultation Phone Call

Prior to starting your journey, you’ll receive a phone call from your specialist welcoming you and outlining the agenda for the next 5 weeks, further explaining and clarifying what you can expect and answering any questions you may have.



Pre-Consultation Tasking

  • Completion of The Time Travel Form® (emotional x-ray of your whole life to date (positive and negative), alongside listing the greatest to least charged items, people, events)

  • Completing your Values Determination Form and refined further information regarding living an inspired destiny

  • Quantum Equilibrium™ theory video (video with clear explanations on the application of the work we are doing and effects on physiology, psychology, and biology, as explained by your personalized specialist)


Follow-up Phone Call 

  • Work through your greatest challenge and dissolving all emotions associated with this area of life

  • (As specified when completing The Time Travel Form®)

2-Hour consultation

Work through your greatest challenge and dissolving all emotions associated with this area of life

(As specified when completing The Time Travel Form®)

Post Consultation Tasking

  • 1-hour video content to view

  • Specialist available to answer questions via phone, email or skype

Your Guarantee

Every Quantum Equilibrium™ client is guaranteed to dissolve all emotional imbalances specified and agreed upon by specialist and client. All negative and positive emotions associated with your no.1 chosen challenge/charge will be restored into psychological and emotional balance. That's The Quantum Equilibrium™ guarantee and difference. 


Payment options to suit your needs.

A More Open And Honest Service

At Quantum Equilibrium™ we aim to create services that exceed your expectations.

Advanced Mastery Bundles Available

Ask us about the different packages you can combine to maximise your results

Business Mastery Bundle

The perfect visionary leadership combination

Relationship Mastery Bundle

Master your relationship life

Family Mastery Bundle

Bring greater levels of balance to your family dynamics

Self-Worth Bundle

Drastically increase your self-worth

For a full list of our packages and services, ask one of our Quantum Equilibrium™ consultants

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