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The 2-Hour Experience is a 1-on-1 program designed to assist you in breaking through your desired challenges. Our aim is to bring clarity, take action and remove any emotional blockages that prevent you from obtaining a highly inspiring and fulfilling career. 



Craig Dexter

"I just want to say thank you for your consultations and I'm enjoying my new outlook on life, the greater thing is that everyone in the family is loving the changes that I have made to my already awesome self."


Wandna Tucker

"You’re an amazing guy and you have no idea how much I appreciate you being in my family’s life, especially all the magic you do in helping things sort themselves out. I’d recommend you to anyone that wants to create mass change in their lives."


"Without your help I wouldn't have clearly been able to see what I really valued in life. Not only have you inspired me, but you've also shown me what I truly love, my highest values. You really took the time to ensure I understood myself better and yes, I have never felt this good before."

Iris Du


Mathieu Mariole 

"I am equipped with the tools and resources to assist people with limiting beliefs and things they want to address within their lives. A big thank you Emmanuel Anthony and Quantum Equilibrium® for your assistance."


The 2-Hour Consulting Experience is designed to provide you with the tools, resources, knowledge and skills to address current vocational challenges, whilst assisting you to prepare for future obstacles.

This program will provide you with over 40-hours worth of value, alongside your personalised 1-on-1 consulting.


(10+ hours)

Phone + email support
(8am - 8pm)

Emotional Analysis
(1.5 hours)

Video Educational


(10+ hours)

Results Guaranteed

Values Determination 
(1.5 hours)

Access to Quantum Equilibrium™

Audio Resources
(1.5 hours)

Specialist Assistance


(3 CDs)

Video Tutorial Guidance

Comprehensive Booklet
(20+ pages)

Access to QE
Private Community

Lifetime Support


Within the past 11-years, clients have mentioned experiencing profound changes and benefits

from attending The 2-Hour Consulting Experience. Below are some of those changes they

have created within the different areas of their lives.


Family & Relationship Benefits

  • Increased ability to communicate to partner

  • Overcome past relationship challenges

  • Gain clarity on whether to stay or exit the relationship

  • Start communicating more effectively

  • Letting go of resentment

  • Bringing balance to the relationship dynamic

  • Gain a strategy to manage emotions within the relationship

  • Rely less on partner

  • Increase gratitude for partner

  • Increase gratitude for past partners

  • Change the relationship dynamic you are attracting

  • Become present in your relationship

  • Overcome relationship fears

  • Overcome infatuations/placing partner on a pedestal

  • Learning tools to self-empower and empower the relationship
  • A greater understanding of relationship dynamics
  • A greater understanding of how to utilise relationship dynamics for personal and relationship growth

Mental Benefits

  • Reduced brain noise

  • Clear mindedness

  • Let go of emotional anchors and triggers

  • Increased resilience towards challenges

  • Ability to think/act without emotionally reacting

  • Letting go of mental disorders (anxiety, depression etc)

  • Letting go of PTSD

  • Letting go of past trauma

  • Reduced negative self-talk

  • Greater self-evaluation and appreciation 

  • Thinking about relationship challenges differently

  • Solving future and present relationship challenges faster

  • Holding on to less challenges as they arise

  • Increased ability to problem solve

  • Seeing a more balanced perspective in general life

  • Ability to see and address red flags considerably faster

  • Understanding challenges and solutions in real time faster

  • Naturally moving towards living more authentically


Physical Benefits

  • Letting go of emotions stored within the body

  • Reduced symptoms of stress

  • Increase in energy

  • Increase in vitality

  • Reduced desire for addictive substances

  • Reduced desire to over eat

  • Less stress on organs

  • Increase sense of enlightenment

  • Reduced pain in shoulders

  • Reduced tension

  • Reduced compression within the body

  • Feeling less drained throughout the day

  • Feeling less drained at the end of the day

  • Waking up with more energy

  • More regulated nervous system

  • Increased ability to sleep

  • Reduced brain noise and brain fog


Vocational Benefits

  • Ability to be more present at work

  • Ability to have not have relationship challenges present during the workday 

  • Increased presence at work

  • Increased productivity at work

  • Less drained emotionally at work

  • Ability to focus more deeply on work tasks

  • Ability to be more present with staff members

  • Healthier ability to seperate relationship and work

  • Less triggered by anchors/triggers within the work place

  • Increased ability to resolve challenging work relationships

  • Greater understanding of relationship dynamics within the workplace

  • Increased understanding of vocational vision

  • More energised and inspired

  • Decreased emotional reactiveness within the workplace

  • Increased ability to resolve work challenges

  • Clearer mind at work


Social Benefits

  • Increased ability to be present within social settings

  • Removal of anchors and triggers that were triggered within social settings

  • Increased social empowerment

  • Communicating more effectively within other peoples values

  • More congruent and authentic to your own values

  • Increased gratitude and appreciation

  • Becoming open to re-entering the dating world without the previous baggage

  • Becoming open to meeting someone

  • Giving yourself permission to date

  • Increased ability to stand your ground in social settings

  • Increased ability to be in confident alone and within social settings

  • Less judgement on ones self within social settings

  • Increased ability to communicate in challenging circumstances


Financial Benefits

  • Increased understanding of personal financial empowerment

  • Increased ability to communicate financially within the relationship

  • A deeper understanding of relationship dynamics and financial empowerment

  • A deeper understanding of relationship delusions and fantasies

  • Increased ability to overcome relationship delusions and fantasies

  • Saving money by achieving the results you're after

  • Decreased emotional spending through increased emotional self-regulation

  • A deeper level of financial gratitude and desire for growth


Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call

Interested in working with Emmanuel and creating some powerful changes within your life? Book your hassle free Complimentary Discovery Call today and take the action necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

Take Action

Consultation Structure

Our in-depth professional consultations are designed to serve your needs from the comfort of your own home or office, allowing you to save, time energy and money when achieving your goals. We also make ourselves available

in-person upon request, see our highly powerful consultation structure below.


Pre-Consultation Phone Call

Prior to starting your journey, you’ll receive a phone call from your specialist welcoming you and outlining the agenda for the next 6 weeks, further explaining and clarifying what you can expect and answering any questions you may have.



Pre-Consultation Tasking

  • Completion of The Time Travel Form® (emotional x-ray of your whole life to date (positive and negative), alongside listing the greatest to least charged items, people, events)

  • Completing your Values Determination Form and refined further information regarding living an inspired destiny

  • Quantum Equilibrium™ theory video (video with clear explanations on the application of the work we are doing and effects on physiology, psychology, and biology, as explained by your personalized specialist)


Follow-up Phone Call 

  • Work through your greatest challenge and dissolving all emotions associated with this area of life

  • (As specified when completing The Time Travel Form®)

2-Hour Consultation

Work through your greatest challenge and dissolving all emotions associated with this area of life

(As specified when completing The Time Travel Form®)

Post Consultation Tasking

  • Post consultation email with post consultation care


You have a guarantee on 1 complete collapse, should that requires extra time to complete, this comes at no charge to you. You will dissolve all negative emotions towards the person, people, situations, events you have a charge towards (Top 1, with the opportunity for 3 problems as discussed in Time Travel Form® dependent your speed applying the principles.)

Join our private community of empowered thinkers
After completing your level 1 experience, you will be welcomed to the Quantum Equilibrium™ online community via Facebook where you can receive free video content weekly and interact with 100's of members.

On-going support
Lifetime guarantee on the dissolved area’s worked on and an ability to contact your specialist and ask questions in reference to life mastery in all area’s of life free of charge.


Your Guarantee

Every client that consults with Emmanuel is guaranteed to dissolve all emotional imbalances specified and agreed upon by Emmanuel and the client. All negative and positive emotions associated with your no.1 chosen challenge/charge will be restored into psychological and emotional balance. That's The Quantum Equilibrium™ guarantee and difference. 


Payment options to suit your needs.


Within 11+ years of taking on Discovery Calls, Emmanuel has designed this experience to achieve the results

that clients continually requested. This includes going above and beyond conventional methods of psychology

that were not meeting our clients' expectations and level of expected results.

Emmanuel Anthony



Results guarantee

Certified within the application of
The Demartini Method


Learn how control your

own perceptions


drug-free solution

Provided exact time
frame for results

Talking therapy without a specific goal timeline


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