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Words of wisdom by inspired clients who have created powerful changes after working 1-on-1 with Emmanuel.

Krystal Pittman 

Working with Emmanuel has been a life changing experience! Prior to commencing our work together, I had been dawdling through life blindfolded. I was carrying over 15 years of baggage around with me. At times, it was as if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Throughout our journey together, I learned a great deal about myself and others. I started to see balance, beauty and magnificence in everyone and everything. Now, I feel lighter and more balanced with myself. I even find myself feeling more energised and excited to go about my day. I am living my life as my authentic self. I can't thank Emmanuel enough for his love and dedication to working with myself and others just like me; just like you. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I cannot give a higher recommendation. You don't have to be going through a rough time or be in a dark place to benefit from his work, we always have room for growth and improvement.

Rachel Lee
Life Coach

Had the most amazing 45 min phone call with Emmanuel Anthony! I love how every time we have a conversation, there's always something enlightening, life changing and inspirational in it! Seriously people, working with Emmanuel has been the best money I've ever spent and I've got more balance, change, reduction in depression and more, then I have in 10 years of working with counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists

Salam Al-Mulla

All the negative things that stopped me from achieving my goals and targets today. Going from the person I was a year ago to being one of Emmanuel's longest running students so far, I have been able to see him develop as a person and he's just come a long way from the very start and it's amazing to see how someone can change my life so much. I am sure he could change anyone’s life through proper consulting, I believe this makes you a more empowered  person in all areas of life.


Melissa Hiemann

Since seeing you for The Quantum Equilibrium® Break Through Session, my life completely changed for the better. I was going through a hard time and generally not feeling right about my life. I didn't know what to expect but I am so grateful that I worked with you at the end of last year, otherwise I wouldn't be where I am today. In contrast, I was working long days, unhappy and failing in my relationships unable to control my emotions and I was so worried about my future/making excuses from my past that I couldn't live in the moment and enjoy my life. Now, I not only have my own business (which was my dream that seemed all too far away), but only 6 months later I am living my dream. I feel fulfilled and I have the honor of also helping other people change their lives for the better. Thank you Emmanuel, you changed my world.

Marika Unger
Empowerment Coach

Emmanuel came into my life completely unexpectedly, but at just the right time. I was at a point in my life where I was feeling lost, alone and carrying my fair share of emotional baggage. I spent a lot of time trying to escape the way I was feeling as I didn’t know how to control, nor change it. Emmanuel helped me dissolve my imbalanced perceptions by teaching me The Demartini Method® and expanding my sphere of awareness. He helped me determine what my highest values were and the career pathway I was destined for. After just one session I felt completely mind blown, and knew that his help was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. After working with Emmanuel for about three months I cleared up my imbalanced perceptions of my parents, previous partners, friends and completed my personal training course, I am now working for myself at Goodlife Health Club in Camberwell. I cannot be more grateful to one person for changing my life so dramatically. I highly recommend Emmanuel to anyone and everyone looking for guidance and direction to help them unlock their true potential and expand their awareness.

Bernard Koprna 

I just attended The Quantum Equilibrium® Seminar in 2014, I came because I am from Slovakia and in my country The Demartini Method® and these advanced techniques are not really spread. My vision for the future is to bring The Demartini Method® and other powerful resources to slovakia so people can know about it and more people can benefit from it. I gained a lot of information and I honestly I see everything differently. I learnt how to communicate and help people with all kinds of perceived problems they may have. For anyone thinking about attending a Quantum Equilibrium® seminar, I say definitely go for it!

Michelle Sgro 
Marketing Strategist

When I finally decided that The Demartini Method®and Emmanuel Anthony were the best fit solution for my challenges, there was no hesitation to book in for the consultation. The Demartini Method® consultation assisted immensely in addressing all the ‘icky’ day to day, irritating feelings of anger, frustration, vengeance, anxiety, unhappiness and hurt, of which were all providing ‘barriers’ in my life. I was totally astonished, at how effective The Demartini Method® Session with Emmanuel Anthony was. Emmanuel’s in depth knowledge, professionalism and the natural flair he has for this, feels like your mind is on a re treat. I’m now looking forward to a solo business venture with doors already opening for me, not only locally but also for overseas projects too, a dream come true as I have been wanting to travel. I have planned to attend further personal and professional development courses, my love for writing has come back, alongside two quirky business books and my number one love (my daughters) with a long awaited vacation all together.

Blade Hendricks 
Real Estate Agent

The Quantum Equilibrium® seminar I attended allowed me to take my life to the next level and I can't wait to take these tools into everyday life and start my inspired destiny.

Adam Edwards
Life Coach

Emmanuel you're able to ask some incredible questions that bought out some things in me, that I didn't know were there, and also really go deep and work out what I was feeling towards my father. It's really opened a pandoras box of love for me, I am really grateful for this expereince. My advice is to see Emmanuel and go through this process yourself!

Jason Grasso

I just wanted to touch base and let you know the success rate at my conversations...90%. The value in structuring the communication in certain ways and responding to how people communicate has been invaluable. Thank you Emmanuel

Eugene Pirie
Tattoo Artist

Emmanuel basically said that, what he does is open your mind to master your life, move forward with things and let go of past issues. He assisted me to realise that everything in life isn't a failure, it's a lesson.

Alice Enache 
Sports Model

I just attended The Quantum Equilibrium® Seminar, I originally came for business purposes and got so much more than I expected out of it. In all honesty, I am going to use this stuff inside the business world and outside in my private life. My recommendation, if you’re  thinking about it…just do it! It's something you will always keep close to your heart! Trust me, just do it!

Craig Dexter

I just want to say thank you for your consultations and I’m enjoying my new outlook on life, the great thing is that everyone in the family is loving the changes that I have made to my already awesome self.

Kerrie Mitchell
Flight Attendant

I would really like to thank Emmanuel for not only his time, but his wealth of knowledge that he shared with me. Now I have equilibrated these beliefs I had held onto and appreciate that they have made me who I am. I am excited after letting go of the limiting decisions that held me back. Your heart is in the right place and you truly want to see people succeed. Thank you for sharing that special part of you!

Rachel Farah
Leadership Coach

I decided to do this course because I really wanted to improve my skills, especially in the business arena, as well as the personal arena. What I gained was a deeper understanding into how to deal with so many situations in my life, including limitations and how to overcome them. My recommendation is that this course is suited for anyone who really wants to take their personal development to the next level,  know how to tackle issues from the root and move on from that, also learn how to inspire others to do the same. 

Jacqueline Tjorpa

I just attended The Quantum Equilibrium® seminar and it's been such an amazing experience, I am honored and blessed to have been on this journey and learn such powerful tools. If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, as well as yourself for personal or professional growth, you should just attend The Quantum Equilibrium® seminar. If you want personal growth, personal power, and just the ability to know these skills make a difference, then come along.

Courtney Tattersall
Estate Manager

You should definitely attend this training, it's the best thing we've both ever done. It’s life changing, it’s inspiring, it's just nice to be able to control your own mindset. You won't walk out of this course the same person, bring all your baggage, bring everything, all your crap and get rid of it! And meet the most amazing people, we are like soul sisters and we met 8 days  ago, so definitely get in here and do this course it's life changing. You won't look back! Don't do this course if you want to do nothing with your life, if you want to do something with your life, then get here and get inspired, become empowered and the be the most amazing you that you can be. Don't look back...Never look back!

Christopher Mollica

I've completed The Quantum Equilibrium® Seminar, I came to get a better understanding of the communication, why people think the way they do and how they do things. I've gained more than I could have possibly imagined from coming to a course like this, and if anyone is thinking about doing the course, there's no reason why you wouldn't want to do it. You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose, I recommend anyone come to The Quantum Equilibrium® Seminar and learning new life skills!

Mathieu Mariole

I am equipped with the tools and resources to assist people with limiting beliefs and things they want to address in their lives. A big thank you Emmanuel and Quantum Equilibrium® for your assistance.

Nicole Pateras
Consumer Marketing Manager

If you’re thinking about doing this, stop wasting time and take action. Things that I was holding onto for years were resolved within such a short. I felt almost stunned in myself that I had previously thought about taking on this experience, but hadn't actually invested into it till later. I wish I made this decision sooner and resolved those feelings so I could have taken back my life without baggage and felt enlighten sooner!

Jordan Donnelly
Personal Trainer

What Emmanuel and Quantum Equilibrium® does work! He cares for his clients and their results, his dedication for this area and for his work is reflected in the way he looks after you and guides you through the processes. Allowing you to think clearly again, and evolve in a way that drastically improves your quality of life.

Mladen Mladenovic

Taking that step to invest into my life lead me to Emmanuel’s work, I can say with great certainty that working him has been exhilarating. Breaking through some of the concerns I had carried with me in my heart and mind for a very long time. It was a profound human transformation. Thank you for liberating me and helping me awake my inner genius. I dare you to expand your mind and heart with Quantum Equilibrium®, in my opinion this would be your best investment into yourself.

Iris Du

You are so inspirational! You woke me up yesterday by letting me know I could change. Without your help, I wouldn't have clearly been able to see what I really valued in life. Not only have you inspired me, but you’ve also shown me what I truly love, my highest value. You really took your time to ensure I understand myself better and yes, I have never felt this good before. People out there need to know about your work! Because you are a truly one amazing man that loves helping people.

Ryan Tucker

I've worked with Emmanuel on multiple occasions for in different areas of life, and I must say, every time I have, I've received an abundance of help in each consultation. His use of The Demartini Method® has allowed me to acquire great results in every session, assisting me considerably to gain mental stability. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help as he really knows what he is doing.

Wandna Tucker

You’re an amazing guy and you have no idea how much I appreciate you being in my family’s life, especially all the magic you do in helping things sort themselves out. I’d recommend you to anyone that wants to create mass change in their lives. 

Peter Baca

I would like to say thank you to you for helping me to understand and see things from a different perspective. Before we started our consultations, my relationship with my partner was crumbling and we had lost our ability to clearly communicate to each other. Since working with Quantum Equilibrium®, our whole relationship dynamics has taken a 360 degree turn and we love and appreciate each other like never before. Thank you Emmanuel, this means the world to me and my family.

Alex Aboss
Change Specialist

After being in all sorts of problems and being thrown around by life, I want to thank you for your wonderful work that has elevated my physical illness and mental stress allowing me to feel gratitude and equilibrium once again. Thank you for your contribution to humanity. 

Bryce Barr
Business Owner

Thank you for your time, love and support once again. You were there in an hour of greatest need.

Victoria Barr

Doing these consultations with you has really helped in every aspect of life already, even in the smallest ways, I just feel more and more balanced and have noticed I can cope better with life challenges. 

Casey Lea
Business Owner

I was introduced by someone close to my heart to an amazing and powerful man. This man has enlightened me in more ways than I thought possible. Before I first spoke with Emmanuel, I did not want his services, but I now know that I needed them. I thought I was fine and the way I handled life and situations were good, and that I didn't need help. How wrong I was! I was one of those people that genuinely believed "depression" and some other mental illnesses were truly "illnesses". You needed doctors, support, pills and TLC to help you get through every day...YOU DONT! All you need is you and as cliché as it sounds, it's true. Emmanuel gave me powerful tools to be able to see everything in a new light and not necessarily in a "positive" light, but to see everything for exactly what it is and not just how I'm perceiving it to be. I can't thank Emmanuel enough, I'm so glad I took the time to work with him. You can never stop improving yourself and the minute you think you don't need improving, that's when you need to reach out and learn some more.

Jordan D'Urbano

I believe I had a massive breakthrough last night with my dad not accepting my soft and sensitive nature. It was to the point I was filled with tears of gratitude and appreciation. He was trying to teach me to be more authentic, no matter what! My vision is starting to become so clear now and I feel we’re almost there! Thank you for your guidance, I'm growing so much!

Maro Sands

Your commitment, knowledge and consulting is a true inspiration to me and I am certain many others also. Thank you for being the catalyst that put me on my path of self-discovery and thirst for personal knowledge and growth. You are so right what a difference a day or even a moment can make.

Foti Dimitrelos

You have played a big part in inspiring me to move forward in life and take advantage on challenges. Plenty more challenges to come in life, and I am extremely excited to tackle them with my new found tools and resources.

Cindii Mejia

Emmanuel has helped me through alot with the challenges I was facing, that I honestly thought I never would overcome. At first I didnt believe that anyone could help me, as I had been to see a Psychologist but that hadn't worked, a friend that told me about Emmanuel and that he has helped him get through all the challenges he was facing and that it did helped, I was relieved to hear that there was more options for me. So I decided to give it ago, and I must say it was a great experience working with this amazing man, allowed me realize that life has positive and negative to everything. Without these tools I wouldnt 

know what to do. Thank you Emmanuel for supporting me and helping get through my challenges, I'm truly looking forward to mastering further challenges. 

Rachel Scalesi

A few months ago I asked Emmanuel to help me with some grievances, sadness, and anger I had been holding onto for quite some time. Before we began our sessions I never quite imagined how it would work and how it would possibly change my perspective on the issues I had, As i felt them so strongly... but with only a few 1 hour sessions I was able to view these situations that had happened in my life in a different light, a balanced light.


I have thanked him so many times for giving me the amazing gift of letting go, feeling weightless and most importantly discovering gratitude and appreciation for what I had and what I have. He was also able to identify some strong feelings I had been keeping hidden, so I though, for many years that weren't even related to why I contacted him. This was the most important one to work through, It was one that was the most painful.


I cannot even put into words how thankful I am for the time he spent on me, the friendship and openness he provided, allowing  me to make sure I felt comfortable and the gift of a new outlook on my life.

Emmanuel is definitely amazing at what he does, and for someone who was a skeptic, to begin with, I can now confidently say I will be contacting him again if I ever feel the need.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Emmanuel!!! 

Much love for you and your amazing work! 

You make life beautiful and your gift is truly something to be shared!


Jane de Saxe

Thanks Emmanuel I would thoroughly recommend to everbody your Quantum Equilibrium sessions for solving any problems/issues in life. These sessions are much more effective than any healing or counseling work that I have done before. You are an excellent facilitator very patient and knowledgeable


Vishan Surendran
Sales Consultant


One of the main reasons I respect Emmanuel and his work is that he does not fluff around. He worked hard to find a solution to the dis-eases that I had. The ongoing exercises and access to the extra content assisted me in keeping and improving my new mindset. Emmanuel has helped me immensely and would highly recommend him to anyone that is going through a tough time, relationship issues, severe emotional imbalances or if you want to increase your performance in life. Very grateful for your hard work and continued support.


Franco Polizzi
Head of Business Intelligence

For years as I silently suffered from depression, it got to a point where I had to see someone. As I did not know what the cause for my depression was, I was very hesitant to seek professional help. A good friend suggested that I get in contact with Emmanuel, and from the very first phone call, I knew I had to work with him. We looked at all aspects of my life, we talked about uncomfortable internal demons and we found the cause for my depression. The way Emmanuel helped me to get back on my feet is that he gave me the tools, and he showed me how to use those tools. That’s the difference, with Emmanuel’s Demartini method, I built myself back up, I worked through my problems, I rebuilt my confidence.


Paula Vargas Duran

If you are thinking of working with Emmanuel, do it and be amazed by the results you can achieve in such a short period of time! You will open your mind to a new way of thinking in a simple yet powerful way, plus gain tools you can use to embrace challenges from this new frame of awareness.


Ella Kushnir, 

I love Emmanuel's sharp mind and quick thinking. He always finds a way to get to the root cause of any problem or situation and helps to see the other side of it. Every time I am getting into unresourceful state and unable to see beyond it, Emmanuel works with me until I find things to be grateful for in that situation which allows me to shift my perspective and have a smile on my face. Emmanuel always goes an extra mile outside the work scope and provides a great support

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 4.26_edited.jpg

Lorenzo Furfaro
Fitness Trainer

No words or review can really explain Emmanuel’s services. A passionate & dedicated professional in his sector who is willing to go to war for every client he takes on board.

I have gathered so much clarity into my own life and the experiences I’ve encountered over the last few years & even to this day he continues to exceed my expectations. I came to Emmanuel for help with a certain area in my life. Although we worked specifically on that, I gained so much more awareness into many areas of my life and brought a lot of unbalanced emotions into balance. Everything serves you a purpose. As the champ would say. “How did this help you grow & evolve”, “How did it serve you” “What is life trying to teach you”.

His level of calmness, understanding & non-judgemental perspective makes you feel so comfortable to work with.
He knew me better than what I knew myself prior to working with him.

I am forever grateful for my brother. He holds a place in my life that I’ll remember forever.


Grant Damon
Personal Trainer

I came to Emmanuel to increase my emotional resilience and bring balance to my mind,

I had a few challenges that I had attempted to resolve with other experts and had not been satisfied with their lack of tangible results. I am still blown away at the results we were able to achieve within only a few consultations!

Not only have we created real lasting change within the relationships I came to work on, but the skills and tools I have learnt have been applicable to other challenges I have faced along the journey.


From dedicating myself to the work Emmanuel offers, I can now say that my life has evolved, my emotional mastery has truly tightened, and my relationship with loved ones has reached another platform of gratitude that I never would have imagined was possible. I invite you to take the same journey I did and dedicate yourself towards creating results within weeks, that will last you a lifetime.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 9.19.09 am.png

Jenelle Lymer
Speaker & Consultant

It gets me emotional even starting to write this. I have tried so many different modalities throughout my life (and I'm halfway through mine) to find answers to my questions about life and why things have happened to me.

Working with Emmanuel has been the most life-changing experience I've had. The skills and techniques he uses to help you breakthrough life's barriers is none short of amazing. On reaching my first 'Aha' moment, it was like the pressure in my body but especially my head - disappeared instantly. That breakthrough, the realisation it was just my perception of the situation seriously set me free. It makes your heart open and tears flow. All of the energy used to try and work these things out were instantly released.


Emmanuel's ability to listen, understand and relate is the objective to serve you and assist you in changing your life. It is like the door you've been knocking on forever - finally opens. Applying these new learned skills, it has changed my life.


I'm so grateful for meeting Emmanuel and how he has assisted me in breaking through. If you are thinking or not sure, I can 1000% guarantee if you are committed to change then you will have a new life, experience mental and emotional freedom by contacting Emmanuel. To me, that is the key to life. If you can master this, you are in control. 


Jacqlene Siamandow
Flight Attendent

I have had the pleasure of working with Emmanuel for over 1 year now and I cannot picture or imagine my life without the work and new strategies I have implemented in my daily life. For the first time in 31 years I truly love my life. I am welcoming adversity instead of avoiding it, I feel like I am thriving with each new challenge that enters my world. 

I honestly feel like I have been asleep for most of my life and am now I'm finally awake and in the driver's seat. I was feeling helpless and lost in all areas of my life until my best friend put me onto Emmanuel, she bribed me with $100 to just have the Discovery Call and I have since then completed Levels 1 & 2 and am currently on level 3.  I have a completely new outlook on life, my experiences, and everyone around me has recognised and acknowledged my growth. My relationships alone are considerably more fruitful and most importantly, my relationship with myself is a lot more nourishing.

I cannot recommend Emmanuel and his programs enough! I started during the second lockdown so I had no income or savings and honestly, Emmanuel went above and beyond to ensure I had the tools required to live an inspiring life making it super affordable and a comfortable experience. I feel very satisfied with where I am and will continue working with Emmanuel to maximise my growth. I recommend absolutely everyone who may be seeking something more and looking to truly maximise your potential.


Nina Boyle

I’ve been working with Emmanuel Anthony for close to 12 months now. During the initial Discovery Call, I immediately felt his present awareness was with me. What I really appreciated was that he would listen attentively to my words, and his responses clarified for me how “switched on” he was in our conversations. He was and has consistently exuded transparency, while giving clear direction and guidance into areas of my life that I had great ongoing challenges in.


There have been a number of occasions I have reached out to Emmanuel and he has gone above and beyond in order to fit me in to his schedule on short notice when I have needed his expertise. Whether it’s a 15-minute pow-wow or a one hour chin-wag.


From someone who has invested thousands of dollars on mindset development and self empowerment, I highly recommend working with Emmanuel Anthony. His dedication to the work is both profound and inspiring. I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to have worked with him on the project of “myself.”  Thank you Emmanuel.

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 7.15.10 pm.png

Johnny Angelopoulos

I have worked with Emmanuel a few times throughout the years to maximise my growth in the personal and professional realm. His work is extraordinary and I have been blessed to experience some major shifts within the time we have consulted.


I am still amazed at what he is able to get out of me and how he personalises the consulting experience for my specific needs. His work is a continual process that has given me tools I can apply to current and future challenges I experience in all areas of life. The body of work he teaches can assist you to unlock your peak potential.


I have done many courses throughout my years and Emmanuel's work is the mecca of personal transformation. I challenge you to get clear on your biggest current challenges and goals and take the time to invest in yourself by working with Emmanuel. I know he will speed up the time in which you can create the life and results you are after. Thank you for your contribution to my life mate.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 4.53.27 PM.png

Mallary Welch
Principal Program Manager

Two words; magic sh*t. 


When I first started with Emmanuel on my personal relationships, it was an emotional rollercoaster. 4 months later and what equates to around 10 hours of concentrated work has left me feeling truly enlightened and grateful. It still astounds me how effective this process is and how Emmanuel's expertise has guided me to the enlighten state I am currently in, you work is truly unmatched. 

Although the start of this process has focussed on my personal relationships, the impact has flowed into all areas of my life. In particular, in my work environment.


Coming from my legal education, seeing both sides of the coin is engrained in how I think. This process and tools have built on my education. It has enhanced my ability to control my emotions and allowed me to let go of emotionally charged situations. I can now see the lessons and feel a deep sense of gratitude for the challenges life throws my way. 

My confidence, self-awareness, self-worth, and resilience have grown ten-fold, I continue to feel balanced in my emotions, actions and things that are out of my control daily. 


You won't regret working with Emmanuel and his expert team. You're worth investing in yourself, so why not give this magic sh*t a chance."

Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at

Charith Elpitiya

I had the privilege of working with Emmanuel Anthony as a business coach and mentor for my life coaching business, as well as a behavioral consultant for my personal development. While guiding my understanding of human behavior, I must say it has been an incredibly transformative experience. Emmanuel's professionalism and friendly demeanor made every session enjoyable and productive.

Emmanuel's deep knowledge about life and human behavior is truly commendable. He helped me navigate challenging situations in both personal relationships and career development, provided valuable insights, and gave me practical tools to implement positive changes in my life. His ability to listen, empathize, and provide constructive feedback is a testament to his expertise.

What sets Emmanuel apart is his genuine commitment to his clients' growth and well-being. He goes above and beyond to ensure that you feel supported and empowered throughout your journey. His guidance has not only improved my personal life but has also had a positive impact on my professional career.

I highly recommend Emmanuel to anyone seeking a life coach who combines professionalism with a friendly and compassionate approach. He has been instrumental in my personal development, and I am truly grateful for his guidance and mentorship.

Thank you, Emmanuel, for helping me become the best version of myself!

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 4.47_edited.png

Gabriel Perera

Expressing gratitude for Emmanuel's services and support over the past few months - a very powerful, positive experience that has been a huge help in "rebooting" my thinking during a challenging time. Highly recommended.


Peter Semaan

Choosing to work with Emmanuel and his team has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've made. His expertise in human behavior goes beyond mere knowledge. It's a profound understanding that he applies with genuine care and insight. With his guidance, I've not only identified and addressed limiting beliefs but also developed practical strategies and methods for overcoming obstacles and achieving my goals. This has allowed me to navigate life's journey and accept the path that's laid. Thanks to Emmanuel I've gained a deeper understanding of myself and others, leading to more fulfilling relationships and greater success in all areas of my life.


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