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Time is not responsible for healing your wounds, you are!

December 24, 2016

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How to save a relationship that’s turning sour

June 23, 2016

As a human behavioural expert and speaker at relationship seminars, I have worked with hundreds of relationships to improve both partners’ appreciation for each other and share tools to overcome relationship-ending challenges. In my time working with hundreds of cases over the years, I have noticed certain rituals that allow partners to last longer and experience greater levels of love, gratitude and appreciation. I want to share this knowledge in hope that it will also empower your relationship life.


So how do we experience deeper levels of love, gratitude and appreciation?

How do we save a relationship that has turning sour?


1. Be cautious of the elephant in the living room!

It’s perfectly normal for us, our partners or the relationship to at times feel odd. We’re all humans and have moments of emotional turmoil, the key is communication and action. It is the responsibility of both partners to address the elephant in the living room and take action towards making sure it’s 100% addressed. The longer an issue is swept under the rug, the greater the charge that builds and sometimes, the harder it can be to later resolve.


2. Understanding and communicating in each other’s values