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How to save a relationship that’s turning sour

As a human behavioural expert and speaker at relationship seminars, I have worked with hundreds of relationships to improve both partners’ appreciation for each other and share tools to overcome relationship-ending challenges. In my time working with hundreds of cases over the years, I have noticed certain rituals that allow partners to last longer and experience greater levels of love, gratitude and appreciation. I want to share this knowledge in hope that it will also empower your relationship life.

So how do we experience deeper levels of love, gratitude and appreciation?

How do we save a relationship that has turning sour?

1. Be cautious of the elephant in the living room!

It’s perfectly normal for us, our partners or the relationship to at times feel odd. We’re all humans and have moments of emotional turmoil, the key is communication and action. It is the responsibility of both partners to address the elephant in the living room and take action towards making sure it’s 100% addressed. The longer an issue is swept under the rug, the greater the charge that builds and sometimes, the harder it can be to later resolve.

2. Understanding and communicating in each other’s values

Every human being living on planet earth lives their lives by a set of values. Their values dictate and determine what they consider to be right and wrong, good and bad, their morals and ethics. Our values are that of which we consider important to us and we want to import into our mind and sphere of awareness. Whenever someone aligns with our highest values, we pull them closer and call them friends. Whenever somebody rejects and puts down our highest values, we feel repulsed and call them enemies. Our partners also experience the same emotional roller coasters. Our connection and disconnect to our partners is dependent on our perceptions of our values and theirs. So the art of learning to communicate in each other’s values is the art of creating win-win conversations that leave both partners feeling highly fulfilled, truly inspired and valued without the need for pointless sacrificing of self for others.

3. Do something about what’s creating the sourness in the relationship

Now that the elephants out of the room and your communicating effectively, it’s time to do something about what’s troubling both of you. One of the greatest distractions in a relationship can often be unresolved baggage from past partners, events, people or even your current partner that continually creep into your daily thoughts. It’s like dating someone and being punished for the mistakes all their ex-partners have made or mistakes they perceive you made days, weeks, months ago, as they haven’t resolved the emotional triggers consciously and unconsciously. The key is to dissolve baggage as soon as possible, clearing up your mind, heart and space in the relationship, for you to focus and be present. The greatest tool to do so with absolute precision is The Demartini Method®, the only tool that 100% balances past baggage forever. Practice these powerful rituals and The Demartini Method® daily, and your relationship will prosper. Article also available via Family Living Magazine

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