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Recovering from postnatal depression

The gift of birthing children can come with many different responsibilities and life style changes, every mother and father handles such changes differently.

I recently worked with a client whose loving birth of their child also came with the lows of feeling like they had lost their freedom, youth and identity. As you can imagine the responsibility of being a mother and feelings of loss of identity created an interesting and challenging bond when this mother of one saw their baby daughter daily.

After some consultation work I was blessed to reach a point of love, gratitude and grace with my client for their past perceived freedom and new form of freedom that their child offered.

By bringing down the infatuation for the past perceived infatuation for freedom without a child and showing my client that she was not as organized, not managing her life, not feeling as connected to her partner and feeling unfulfilled +more.

She realized that the new child had also come with a deeper sense of commitment and fulfillment in life, brought her closer to her mother and partner, had given her drive and purpose to save more financially +more.

When all perceptions of loss/gain, negative/positive, freedom/entrapment were dissolved there was nothing but love and gratitude for the newborn and herself, increasing self worth, inspiration allowing her to be present in the moment when with her baby and not lost in mindful states of infatuation/resentment.

If you or someone you know is experiencing postnatal depression, feel free to share this post and I would be glad to take some time aside and share what powerful insights and technology has worked for my clients undergoing the same symptomatology. Article also available via Family Living Magazine

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