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What to do if you think you have depression?

Depression in today’s society is as common as the everyday cold. Whether self diagnosed or by a medical professional, we all know at least a handful of friends, family, and we ourselves may have even experienced light, mild or heavy symptoms of depression.

Depression is not restricted by ages, sex, creed or geological location. As we journey through life’s trials, tribulations and challenges; mattering on what resources we perceive we have to best deal with the situations, everyone of us is capable of experiencing some level of depression throughout their lifetime. This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

In my years of working with hundreds of clients on a daily basis, I have notice that there are common threads between those that dissolve depression and faster than others. There are common traits, attitudes and methodologies that when understood and applied can allow any human being on planet earth to finally move forward drug-free and experience clarity of mind and body. Releasing the shackles and burdens that depressive states cause and create in our lives, aswell as for those we love.

Before I give you some advice to best assist you, let me give you some signs and symptoms (warning bells) that can allow you to know if you or someone you care about is experiencing depression symptoms;

Behavioural signs:

  • Not wanting to connect with the outside world

  • Feeling like your always down

  • Withdrawing from close family and friends

  • Relying on alcohol, drugs or prescribed medicine

  • Not feeling or acting like your 'usual self'

  • Constant mind chatter and irrational outbursts

  • Bipolar like emotional swings

Feelings you may be experiencing:

  • Very overwhelmed

  • Highly irritable

  • Constantly frustrated

  • Feeling a lack in confidence

  • Feeling indecisive

  • Constant disappointment

  • Feeling sadness, hurt, fear, anger, shame (major negative emotions)


  • "I’m a failure"

  • "It’s my fault"

  • "Nothing good ever happens to me"

  • "I’m worthless"

  • "Life’s not worth living"

  • "People would be better off without me”

  • “Why doe this always happen to me?"


  • Tired all the time

  • Sick and run down

  • Headaches and muscle pains

  • Churning gut

  • Sleep problems

  • Loss or change of appetite

  • Significant weight loss or gain

(These are just some of the possible signs and symptoms. For more information contact :

So what do you do if you find yourself behind the 8-ball and experiencing the on-set of depressive symptoms?

  1. The first thing to do is admit that something is troubling you and isolate what specifically is the cause of your depressive feelings (e.g. a break-up with partner, recent loss of a job, childhood dramas, dissatisfaction with life etc.). Too often I have seen people be too unspecific and feel trapped, as they are unaware of what they are even trying to work through, leaving them feeling stuck in a grey area. (If you feel your are having trouble identifying the one or many root causes of your depressive states, then simply keep reading below)

  2. The second thing you need to know is that there is nothing wrong with you. Depressive symptoms are actually what are right with your body! The human body is a very sophisticated organism and reacts to our perceptions, starting at the central nervous system. When we experience a cold or flu it sends the necessary neurological signals and chemicals/hormones in order to repair the body and bring us back into a healthy equilibrated state. Depression is the reaction to our thoughts being polarised and not finding balance in whatever is troubling us. A defence mechanism attempting to get us to deal with what is troubling us, and resolve our perceived negative thoughts once and for all!

  3. Now that you have isolated what is troubling you and are aware that your body is not going against you, and in fact, that it’s attempting to assist you in bringing clarity to your mind and body. The next step is to do something about the depression. It’s time to really address what’s troubling you. For some people that will be one simple area and for others there are multiple causes to their depression, and they all require attention to bring the mind back into an equilibrated state and dissolve the depressive states.

Some very wise tips for resolution include:

  1. Only choose options that guarantee a result regarding the depression you’re currently experiencing. If the person you’re planning on working with cannot guarantee you a result then they do not have the tools and resources necessary for the job.

  2. Select a coach/consultant/therapist who is open and upfront about the timing required to dissolve your depression. What will be involved from yourself and them to acquire the result, and what future care or resources are available to you.

  3. Do not select ‘talking therapies’ that expect you to spend weeks/months/years simply sitting down and talking about your problems without any guarantee of a time scale of when your problems will be resolved (resolution means 100% dissolving all negative emotions, thoughts and negative associations to what is causing your current depression). I watch clients come in daily annoyed and frustrated at their investment emotionally, financially and mentally for long periods of time only to still be in the same place.

  4. Be cautious of forms of therapy that don’t tackle the root cause and simply mask the problems through over-medication. If you’re not tackling the problem, you’re just placing a band-aid on it and the symptoms will continue to persist in different forms (sometimes with higher intensity).

If you’re uncertain as to what options are available for dissolving the depressive symptoms, then simply click here and find out what risk-free options are available to you to best assist you or a loved one, truly 100% overcome the symptoms associated with depression and start living a more highly inspiring life.

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