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Time is not responsible for healing your wounds, you are!

December 24, 2016

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The perfect wedding present

August 22, 2016

A marriage is one of life’s greatest achievements and most enjoyable moments for a couple. It can often be marketed as the ultimate state of happiness, truth be told, marriages have two sides. A marriage can also intensify whatever imbalanced perceptions (infatuation or resentment) either partner may feel for each other.


Too often loving couples don’t take the time to properly prepare for their future. After working with hundreds of couples and identifying what leads to anger, aggression, blame, betrayal, cheating, divorce, criticism, challenge and feelings of wanting to escape or exit marriages, I have compiled 5 essential steps which can increase relationship longevity and appreciation.


1. Dissolving all past relationship charges

This involves dissolving all resentments and infatuations for previous relationships.  These are your triggers that ultimately frustrate you in the future when reminded of past patterns. Doing so will clear up your mind, allowing you to be present in the moment with your partner and not fearful they will repeat traits or actions from past failed relationships.


2. Be clear about your values, as well as your partners