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Time is not responsible for healing your wounds, you are!

As a professional human behavioral expert who has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients over the years, I continually hear certain sayings that have no merit, yet millions globally are under the illusion that they hold some truth. Without thinking many people will often repeat the saying “Time heals all wounds”, completely oblivious to the fact that it doesn’t, in fact time doesn’t do anything at all, it is a measurement unit. In actuality it is ourselves and a shift in our perceptions that create the physiological changes we label healing. It’s taking accountable actions that actually create healing, transitioning us from victims of our history into true masters of our destiny.

Time can be defined as the continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. It is not a person or thing, therefore time cannot make anything happen. A large variety of fields promise change and healing using various methods, it can at times feel really difficult to select what really works to create the real lasting changes you seek and not a band-aid fix. In such cases, time is taken in order to lead us in the right direction or to the right method of change. This can be easily mistakened as what created the change instead of understanding that it is the period taken to find the tool, method or resource that created true change.

Some common myths I repeatedly hear about change daily include;

• It takes time to heal

• Positive thinking is all that’s needed

• Change takes long periods of time

• You’ll be stuck this way for life

Contrary to what I have witnessed over the years and continue to experience with clients daily, I see clients create lasting changes within hours that last a lifetime when they apply the proper methods that install drastic psychological, neurological and physiological shifts, Methods such as The Demartini Method by leading human behavioral expert Dr. John F Demartini.

Healing can be defined as becoming sound or restoring wellness of the mind and body. In most cases referring to metaphorical emotional states or mental disorders such as bipolar or depression (but not restricted to these two) due to events of the past that can quite often be compared to an open wound or even feel like one.

So what heals a metaphoric wound? Since our emotions are first perceived by the mind and then translated into chemicals and hormones by the autonomic nervous system, in order to heal past wounds our minds must first gain equilibrium in that of which we perceived wounded from. When our minds come truly present to the inherit blessings and stressing’s, we change the feedback to our autonomic nervous system and regulate chemical and hormone (emotions) regulation through the body. I have seen this shift week after week happen in hours instead of months and years, it brings great inspiration for me to know my clients have a time limit on their past perceived wounds.

In my years of learning and teaching, I have found that the most powerful mind equilibrating method is The Demartini Method®, not only do I believe it’s the most complete, scientifically sound and in-depth approach to healing. I am also impressed with the ease in which I am able to teach my clients to utilise the method within their own lives, allowing them to gain self-empowerment, increased resilience and take on future trials and tribulations. Creating independence as compared to many forms of co-dependent therapies that can trap clients into feeling like victims continually dependent on their mentors, only looking to them for answers whilst continuing to pay premium prices for extended service periods of time with very little change to no change within their lives.

Time is your most valuable asset, unlike money you can never get time back. Our time is not only valuable, it’s truly precious. I have almost died on eight occasions, these near-death experiences lead me the realization that at any moment this journey could end, that this life is short and that it’s ultimately up to us to manage it in a way that empowers us to truly be present and appreciative for the whole journey. With this truth in mind, I believe one of the greatest investments we can acquire is the tools, resources and methods to pre-prepare ourselves for future challenges. Tools that give us the power to dissolve emotional baggage in hours instead of days, weeks, months or years. In turn giving us a surplus of time back to invest in other more highly valued areas of life.

If you’re serious about overcoming past wounds and learning how to become a master of your destiny, instead of a victim of your history. If you really desire to learn how you can drastically alter your perceptions of what has occurred in your life, in turn becoming truly present and appreciative for every aspect of it. I invite and welcome you to ask me how. Click here and enquire today, your time is precious, use it wisely.

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