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Time is not responsible for healing your wounds, you are!

December 24, 2016

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Life tips and insights from a human behavioural consultant

June 1, 2017


As a human behavioural expert and consultant, I have been blessed to work with hundreds of clients from all around the world. Throughout my life journey, research and consultations to date, one of my greatest realizations is the insight that “It is not what happens to us, but our perception of what has happened, that has a profound impact on our destiny”. The key is mastering our perceptions, As our perceptions play a vital role in how we think, feel and experience the journey of life.

Every human being on planet earth will experience life within their uniquely different model of the world. Our models are neither right nor wrong, but simply our perspective of life. Our models are constructed from how we interpret our experiences. They are sculptured by the programs we install and through the beliefs we create. Religion, family, culture, television and other forms of experiences that we associate to, influence our minds. Our filters due to these programs distort and generalize life to mere human understandings and interpretations, when in truth life’s vast magnificence can never truly be understood in it’s totality by man. To truly comprehend the intelligence that organises every aspect of the universe down to the magnificence and intricacy of the human cell would be far too much for just one human.

So there in truth lies the beauty and mystery of life, continually searching for meaning and yet always falling short and discovering that the more we know, the more we discover we don’t know. A majority of my clients find themselves commencing work with me as a quest to acquire real world answers for areas of their life that they feel are running them or occupying