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Dedicated To Advancing Human Conscious Evolution in All Areas of Life


Emmanuel H Anthony is a human behavioral expert dedicated to living an inspired life teaching universal laws of which assist human beings in achieving results relative to all areas of life, doing so by maximising their potential and evolving their conscious awareness. Emmanuel's in depth writings, research and teachings provide great knowledge and applicable tools for humanity to truly empower themselves and others. As founder of Quantum Equilibrium® and The Emmanuel Anthony Institute, Emmanuel has spent hundreds of hours perfecting the art of communicating, healing, advanced educational platforms, teaching and creating powerful systems/programs that shift paradigms in human potential and awareness. Emmanuel has assisted hundreds of clients personally move past common social problems such as anxiety, depression, performance enhancements, past baggage, creating inspired destiny's, events, dissolve negative emotions, infatuations, grief and move towards more authentic and driven lives.

 As managing director of Quantum Equilibrium® Emmanuel spends his days teaching the tools, skills and resources necessary to control your mind, states, emotions and achieve a mindset of wealth and well-being in all seven area's of life (Mental, Physical, Financial, Familial, Social, Spiritual, Vocational and Financial Mastery). Emmanuel's personal mission is to inspire, empower and educate humanity globally to awakening their inner genius and live fulfilling lives daily as true masters of their destiny. Whether working with large corporations or one-on-one clients, Emmanuel H Anthony and all staff members of respective companies are driven to achieve the highest level of service and results every time! 

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BeSpunk Interview


Presenting Inspirational Goal Setting to Psychologists, Psychiatrists 
and Councillors at The Addiction Conference 2015


Director & visionary: Emmanuel H Anthony is the director of Emmanuel Anthony Institute and Quantum Equilibrium® (www.quantumequilibrium.com.au), 2 global evolutionary companies dedicated to expanding human conscious  awareness in all areas of life.

One-on-one consultation: Emmanuel H Anthony has worked with hundreds of clients and managed emotional specialists to provide powerful life changing results since 2013. To gain more insights into some of the results one-on-one clients have been able to achieve, simply go to testimonials.

Speaking engagements: Emmanuel H Anthony has spoken to psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and regular seminar clientele in reference to;

  • Self-empowerment

  • Personal evolution

  • Managing emotions

  • Growing a successful consultation company

  • Dr. John F Demartini human values system

  • The Demartini Method®

  • Physical, financial, social, spiritual, vocational and social mastery

  • How to breakthrough common human mental disease and disorders

  • Work/Life balance 

  • Relationship mastery

  • Overcoming vocational challenges and perceived stress

  • Increasing energy and vitality

  • Living an inspired life

  • Maximising human potential

  • Mastering your perceptions

Teacher: Emmanuel H Anthony is a teacher of many different disciplines and their connections to human behaviour and consious evolution and maximising awareness. For more information on teachings view services.

Audio: To view Emmanuel Anthony's range of audio's exploring all areas of life, conscious evolution and self mastery, simply view go to our shop and you will find the iTunes downloadable audios.

Radio: Previous emotional consultant and life coach on 88.3fm Southern FM Melbourne, Australia.
To listen to sample past radio shows, simply view our media.

Writer: Featured writer for Family Living Magazine (www.familylivingmagazine.com.au)


Current Certifications:

  • Demartini Method Facilitator®, Certified by The Demartini Institute

  • Professional Speaker

  • One-On-One and One-On-Many Professional Consultant

Previous Certifications:

  • NLP Trainer

  • Time Line Therapy Trainer

  • Hypnosis Trainer

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