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Emmanuel Hansz Anthony

Dedicated To Advancing Human Conscious Evolution in All Areas of Life

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Emmanuel H Anthony is a human behavioural specialist dedicated to teaching universal laws, the universal laws of which assist human beings in achieving results relative to all areas of life. Emmanuel is dedicated to assisting individuals globally in maximising their potential and evolving their conscious awareness.


Emmanuel's in depth writings, research and teachings provide great knowledge and applicable tools for humanity to truly empower themselves and others. As founder of Quantum Equilibrium®, Emmanuel has created online and in-person programs that can assist any human to, 

  • Overcome volatile emotions

  • Overcome mental disorders

  • Overcome grief

  • Gain a profound understanding of the human condition

  • Learn The Demartini Method

  • Learn universal laws

  • Finding meaning and purpose

  • Understanding human values

  • Creating reliable systems for life management

  • Increase relationship connectedness

And much, much more.

Emmanuel has assisted thousands of clients to personally move past common social problems such as anxiety, depression, performance enhancement restrictions, past baggage, creating inspired destiny's, events, dissolve negative emotions, infatuations, grief and move towards more authentic and driven lives.

As managing director of Quantum Equilibrium® Emmanuel spends his days teaching the tools, skills and resources necessary to evolve your thinking and become a highly effective manager of your mind, states, emotions and achieve a mindset of wealth and well-being in all seven area's of life (Mental, Physical, Familial, Social, Spiritual, Vocational and Financial Mastery). Emmanuel's personal mission is to inspire, empower and educate millions globally to awakening their inner genius and live fulfilling lives daily as true masters of their destiny. Whether working with large corporations or one-on-one clients, Emmanuel H Anthony and all staff members of respective companies are driven to achieve the highest level of service and results every time! 

Since 2013 Emmanuel has specialised in teaching and working with clients utilising The Demartini Method.


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Emmanuel Anthony is a big believer in creating work/life balance. He is dedicated to working a healthy 12-hour day throughout the week, followed by golf, exercise and family time on his weekends. It is the balance within all areas throughout the week that allows Emmanuel to stay highly inspired, energised  stimulated and fulfilled with his mission, purpose and vision for life.


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